Dubai Marina is one of the most favored localities for property investment by both domestic and international investors. Founded in 2003, it’s also the largest residential freehold development in the Emirate.
Located in the heart of Dubai, the world’s largest marina houses several of the most opulent real estate projects in Dubai, investment appetite for which has only grown since Dubai Marina’s inception.


Centrally located in Dubai, the Marina is a hub for fine dining, a tourist hotspot, and a cosmopolitan mishmash, all rolled into a world-class architectural jewel on Dubai’s crown. Its connectedness makes it one of the most coveted localities in all of Dubai.

Properties in this location are in proximity to some of the most attractive tourist destinations such as The Beach, the Marina Promenade, and ‘The Walk’ at Jumeirah Beach. The waterfront attractions smattered across the area only add further to its glaze

Return on Investment in Dubai Marina

Investors get the best of both worlds in Dubai Marina - rental yields and capital appreciation.

Dubai Marina For Investment in numbers:

This represents a tremendous growth potential, considering the fact that Dubai Marina is one of the most developed and matured property markets in Dubai. Off-plan investors can leverage this lucrative opportunity by investing in select properties after thorough research.

The Marina is a mature market, and you should conduct thorough research before deciding on property investments. We prioritize guiding you in buying the best property for your portfolio, ensuring a high ROI, prime location, and best-in-class service charges.

Why Invest in Dubai

Overseas investors are flocking to Dubai in burgeoning numbers to buy off-plan properties given its hospitable market climate, locational advantage, and excellent connectivity as a global trade hub.

Reports by global ratings agencies have revealed that demand for rental properties in Dubai will continue to rise in the future, which is evident in its sky-high yields, which are significantly higher than that of other major cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong. While the said cities offer rental yields of 2-3%, those of Dubai range between 7-9% on an average.

Dubai also lays claim to the lowest price per square meter of any leading city in the world, including New York, Singapore, and Mumbai. The low cost of investment along with the highest rental yields has cemented Dubai’s spot as a global destination for real estate investment. You can leverage this by investing in top-rated properties backed by thorough research.

Take an Informed Decision

Dubai continues to have one of the most investor-friendly market climates and attractive propositions for overseas and local investors looking for greater rentals.

Dubai Marina’s popularity as a real estate investment destination continues to skyrocket with an investor-friendly tax regime, lower regulatory burden, and continued economic expansion.

While it's easy to be baffled by the sheer volume of equally lucrative options at hand, professional guidance paves the path for an informed decision.

Our experts at Propearner have over a decade of quality experience helping investors like you find their ideal property to suit their style, taste, and needs.

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