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Dubai Property Investment for Overseas Investors

If you’re planning to become a property investor in Dubai, you’re not alone. High profitability and tax-free investment have attracted a growing international investors’ interest in Dubai real estate market over the past few years, increasingly so after EXPO2020 which recorded more than 24M visits to the world’s fair. State Government of Dubai implemented freehold property legislation in the year 2007 allowing overseas investors to purchase properties in Dubai with full ownership rights. Therefore foreign ownership is permitted in areas designated as freehold to foreigners not residing in the UAE and not holding UAE visa without any restrictions. Purchasing a property in a foreign country may be a daunting task, but don’t fret, we are here to help you. Read on to answer some of your questions regarding Dubai Real Estate Market.

Dubai Real Estate Market Is One Of The Most Regulated And Transparent
Markets In The Region

What’s Attractive About Dubai Real Estate?

Whether you’re looking to earn profits from renting or reselling a property,
the UAE real estate market represents a wealth of opportunity for profitable property investment. Here is why.


Dubai properties offer ROI above 6-7% on average, which compares favorably to other major cities.


Currently, the UAE does not place any taxes on purchased property or rental income, allowing overseas investors to enjoy full returns on their property.


Villa properties in Dubai offer healthy average ROI of up to 6%, while the apartments communities have rental yields reach up to 7.5% on average.

Residence Visa

A residence visa is not necessary when buying a property in Dubai, however it is required to hold a valid passport to confirm your identity. Foreign property investors in Dubai are eligible to up to 10 years resident visa. Read more about requirements and eligibility here

Who are the Top Real Estate Developers in Dubai?

Dubai is home to renowned property developers that brought internationally recognized iconic real estate projects like Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. To familiarize yourself with some of these names.:

Top 10 Real Estate Developers in Dubai

Other Notable Developers

About Off Plan Projects in Dubai

Dubai off-plan properties are a popular choice for overseas investors. An off-plan property can be very profitable given that the investor makes the right decision in terms of location, developer and budget.

What are the advantages of Buying Off plan?

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