Yes, foreigners can own properties in areas specified as “freehold.  Consider hiring an authorized real estate firm to advice on the best possible properties and areas to buy into.

Overseas investors can employ the services of property management companies like PropEarner to maintain their property and handle legalities. These services include, but are not limited to, marketing property, finding tenants/buyers, handling maintenance and rent collection as well as providing regular updates and financial reports.

Foreigners buying property in Dubai are also eligible to get a mortgage from banks operating in the UAE, however with limited options compared to UAE residents and nationals. The eligibility criteria for non-resident mortgages in Dubai will vary based on the bank.

Request to see Legal Documents and agreement with developer. At PropEarner we use a neutral 3rd party “ESCROW” to collect funds and documents from the investor on behalf of the property owner/developer until specified conditions are met during a financial transaction.

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