Jumeirah Park is a unique freehold and eco-friendly community project that includes jogging and biking trails, children's play areas, green parks, gymnasium and community club.

Nakheel Properties, the developer of Jumeirah Park project in Dubai built over 2,000 villas surrounded by manicured green spaces and providing them with all the luxurious amenities.

The community hosts a myriad of 3, 4 and 5 bedroom villas with three different unique themes - Heritage, Regional & Legacy. Jumeirah Park properties sizes range from 3997 sq ft to 5071 sq ft.


The location of the project is what draws buyers, Jumeirah park is reachable from major Dubai roads, making it easier for residents to get to and from the city's most important locations. It's close to the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Marina, and the Palm Jumeirah, surrounded by all of Jumeirah's parks and green areas.

Proximity To Landmark

Jumeirah Park for Investment

Real estate investments in Jumeirah Park Dubai for 2022 could be a real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for real estate investors. In 2021 Jumeirah Park hit the record in terms of total sales as it was among the number one residential project creating the perfect storm for real estate investment.

Jumeirah Park is one of the most popular residential communities, with more than 2,000 luxury villas and a current population of about 21,000 residents, as well as a total area of more than 380 hectares.

Due to the great demand for renting luxury villas, Jumeirah Park Dubai is a sought-after destination for investors who want to ensure a profitable and assured ROI, making it a tempting opportunity for a long-term investment.

Best Rental Properties in Jumeirah Park

Real Estate Transactions in Jumeirah Park

The diversity and value of sales transactions in Dubai are at above-average levels compared to previous years, with 61,300 real estate sales completed in 2021.

The total value of transactions amounted to near AED 150.6 billion. The total for 2020 was AED 72 billion, an increase of 109% from the previous year, hitting an all-time highest during the month of November 2021.

Although 2020 was an epidemic year, there were 34,900 sales, a 9.7% increase compared to its highest transactions recorded in 2014.

Market Sale Price & Value Trend for Villas in Jumeirah Park

A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Real Estate Investment in 2022

According to a statistical report issued by the real estate consultancy "Zoom Property Insights", the luxury residential real estate market in Dubai continues to flourish during 2022.

Jumeirah Park is among top 5 desired communities by investors. The qualitative leap in property investments in annual transactions amounted to 30% in January 2022.

Most recent transactions in Jumeirah Park recorded a 63% capital appreciation.

These promising real estate facts will surely reassure every investor seeking to buy a property in Jumeirah Park, making this exceptional project an ideal refuge for a long-term investment.

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